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Attractions near Bogota Airport

One of the most interesting countries to visit in South America is Columbia. It is situated in the Northwestern area of the continent. The largest city in Columbia is Bogota, and it is here one finds the Bogota Airport, also known as the El Dorado International Airport. This is the most important airport in Columbia and the majority of international air traffic coming to this area makes use of it. It is located approximately 13 kilometers west of the center of the city.

Anyone traveling to Bogota is in for a treat, and one does not have to go far to find a variety of visitor sites to take in. One of the most popular sites to visit is Monserrate. This mountain is found right in the middle of the city, and is often visited by pilgrims traveling to the 17th century church that is found at the top. Once at the top, the visitor is able to enjoy an excellent view of the city and its surroundings below.

The Plaza de Bolivar, the town square, is named for Simon Bolivar and is found in the main center of the city. In this area, one can find many of the historic buildings the city is home to. These include the Capitolio Nacional, where the houses of Congress are seated. The Catedral Primada de Columbia, a Roman Catholic Cathedral built in 1807, is one of the largest cathedrals in Columbia, and is home to one of the largest organs in South America. In addition, one can find the Capilla Del Sagrario, a chapel built in the 17th century, in this area. This chapel can give the visitor an excellent example of the early architecture in Columbia, which is a blending of Mannerist, Indigenous, and Moorish styles.

In addition to the great variety of historic sites in Bogota, there are also parks available where the visitor can relax and take in the natural beauty of the area. Independence Park, opened in 1910, is home to eucalyptus forests. Another recreational area can be found at the Olaya Herrera National Park, where one can enjoy the acacia, cypress and eucalyptus trees, as well as bountiful flora and fauna of the area.

After a day of touring, one can wind down with a visit to Bogota’s many nightspots. These include various bars and clubs, as well as fine restaurants and live music, depending on one’s preferences.

As can be seen, after flying into Bogota’s main airport, the visitor does not have to travel far to take in the great variety of sites displaying the history and culture of the beautiful city of Bogota. Because of the close proximity to the airport, these sites are easily available to all who make Bogota their destination.

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