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Dining near Bogota Airport

Bogota is the capital of Colombia. Bogota is a city alive and full of people, with a population of about 8.8 million. It is located in the Andino Region. You can see the mountains from the city, located to the east. It is comparable in economical, cultural development to big cities like Dubai, San Francisco, Berlin, or Washington DC. The airport is known as El Dorado International Airport. It is located twenty minutes from downtown. If you are heading out of the airport, you have two modes of transportation - by regulated taxi, or by bus. Once in the city, you have a choice of taxi, bus, transmilenio (a new and rapid bus service, clean and efficient, as well as affordable), colectivo (similar to NY buses, but smaller), or by bicycle.

Some of the local foods are Arepas (corn flour pancakes), Empanadas (they are like pastries filled with meat, potato, vegetables, and rice), Tamal (made of corn and mixed with potatoes, meat, chicken, and vegetables), and Ajiaco (It is a soup that contains three types of potatoes, corn, chicken, herbs, dairy cream, and avocado).

You have many good and varied restaurants, but if you are looking for Asian or Chinese cuisine, it will be hard to find. The occasional one will not be a real Chinese restaurant.

In the center of the city, you will find some restaurants that will offer a variety of good food and local cuisine. Some of them are:

La Taperia - Bar and restaurant with great food and drinks. The atmosphere is lively, and they have Flamenco on Thursdays.

Henry Comida Rapida is close to the University and is mostly a fast food place.

Tapas Macarena - Here you can find tapas and drinks, a wide variety of wine and beers.

La Monapizza is a great pizzeria.

Asociacion Construimos Futuro may sound like an economic business and not a restaurant, but it is a social cooperative, the staff is courteous and friendly, and you can have lunch or breakfast. A supermarket is also attached, in case you have to pick up some needed items.

If you are in the mood for Middle Eastern food, then head out to PittaWok. There you will find many Middle East, Thai, an Arabian dishes and pastries.

Other good places to try are Andres D.C., Club Colombia, Sitio, and Sopas y Postres de La Abuela - this last one a very small charming and cozy restaurant.

All of these have received good reviews by customers and are conveniently located in the downtown area.

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