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The area around Bogotá's airport has several nice shops and stores that can make your trip to Bogotá more enjoyable. Many of the shops and stores are run by locals who sell locally made clothes and souvenirs. Other stores offer traditional department store-like settings that sell modern fashions and the latest imported goods. As a result, visitors can have lots of fun exploring the area's local customs and the variety of products by shopping at these stores.

Here's a quick look at some of these stores that will give you a good idea of what the area has to offer to visitors who like to explore unique stores.

One stretch of stores that's worth visiting is the area along Bogotá's Calle 82 (82nd Street.)
It features an interesting mix of locally owned boutiques, fine furniture stores and souvenir shops that sell locally made products and items from as far away as Europe. It's also located near several bars and restaurants that are also worth a visit. As a result, be sure to take at least a day to visit Calle 82 when you're in Bogotá.

Another area that caters to shoppers in Bogotá is Avenida El Dorado.
Avenida El Dorado is located about 15 minutes away from Bogotá's airport. It features several nice shopping centers including Salitre Plaza Mall and La Gran Estacion mall. These malls feature several well-known department and specialty stores that sell fine clothes, jewelry and other fancy things.

In addition, Avenida El Dorado also features several local shops that sell locally made clothes and souvenirs. These shops are usually open-air stands that have an eclectic mix of clothes, souvenirs and food items. This eclectic mix of stores and shops makes Bogotá’s Calle 82 worth a visit any day.

Finally, don't forget to also visit El Parque 93 (93 Park).
It's located over 93rd Street in the heart of northern part of the city. It features several art galleries, upscale shops and many locally owned furniture stores. Shoppers will enjoy seeing an interesting mix of modern art pieces and locally made furniture items that makes the area famous. As a result, plan on spending a day here to get a better look at what the area has to offer!

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