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Getting Around Bogota Airport

Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia. It is the largest, most populated city in the country, with a population of about 8 million. The city is located in the center of Colombia on the Bogotá Sabana, which is about 8,661 feet above sea level.

Transportation near Bogotá Airport is mainly through private cars or public transportation like buses, minivans, and taxis. El Dorado airport is the main airport of the city. This has two terminals, the main terminal for international flights and the Puento Areo terminal for domestic flights. The exception to this arrangement is Avianca Airlines that has flights to the U.S.A. through the Puento Areo terminal.

Transportation between the two terminals is by busetas, shuttle buses that have a fixed schedule. Upon arrival, it’s best to check in with the information counter of your airline to get the schedule for the busetas. You can also check the schedule of the busetas at a travel agency downtown when confirming your return trip. Other alternatives to the busetas are regular taxis, colectivo, shared taxis, or aerovan, minibuses.

Traveling from the airport to the town are local buses called tese. These can be found at both terminals. Besides the local buses there are the super ejecutivose, luxury buses with air-conditioning, washrooms, and even televisions.

But for night arrivals, the buses are not considered safe, and even the local travelers prefer to take taxis, although the taxis double their fare at night. The taxis are efficient, well maintained and clean and can be either flagged down or even called in by telephone. The taxis have meters and it’s prudent to ask the driver to use them.

If arriving by day, buses are a good option. The destination and route of the bus will be written on a cardboard lodged in the windshield.

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